Thursday, May 31, 2007

Surely Mr Einstein, you must be joking!!

It was Einstein who once said, ‘God doesn’t play dice with the Universe’. He was possibly questioning the notion of randomness as against determinism and was referring the events of nature having a particular cause.

My thoughts on this subject are more on God’s design in human behavior and not exactly on physics. We know that people behave in different ways and I believe something that is unexplainable by ‘laws of general behavior’ drives them to behave so. Leaves room for a lot of assumptions and interpretations. Can’t really put a finger to it and say ‘this is why so & so behaves in a so & so manner’. People have their own self-interest prime in their mind when they deal with issues. And all fundamental nice characteristics that is explained as human, takes a backseat always. I need something for me, so I may even be nice to someone whom I have been mean in the past!! Or I will now be mean to someone who had been nice to me in the past!! This seems to the underlying philosophy of human transactions. Very few people, very few have real altruistic intentions. And to cap it all, many of them are made just out of deceit. And with absolutely no regrets. And what is this if not playing dice??

And the God’s grand design of match making between people, which beats the best of creators, which is He Himself. He never fails to spring a surprise. When you think you just have seen something amazing, He smashes His own record ( dubious , it could be ). You may have someone simply out of the world, with so many endearing qualities, matched up with someone who just doesn’t have the time to realize those qualities in that person, but see it in someone else, who is just maybe a fraction of what the real partner is, often leaving you to wonder what exactly is God’s design. What’s His fun in this relationship? Is He sitting there at the edge of the universe chuckling about these perplexing knots He creates in His story and test the ingenuity of His subjects to untangle those knots.

Who said ‘God doesn’t play dice’. Maybe not with the Universe, but with us He always does. Surely Mr Einstien, you must be joking

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tamil Cinema Rule Book

If you want to roll on the floor and laugh, you can try searching logic in Tamil movies. Some of the clich├ęd but unwritten rules of the movies has me in splits. I always wanted to list them all.

  • On the penultimate scene of the movie, when the tempo builds up, cut and squeeze a song, preferably in a funny costume at foreign locales.
  • Come what may, ultimately ‘Thaali’ triumphs. However bad the guys who tie that could be.
  • Hero’s always have one MCP dialogue atleast. About how a woman should behave!
  • Police always appear in the last scene and shoot in the air after the hero has smashed up everyone.
  • If the Police have to appear earlier, they will be bad police who will rape anything that moves in a female form.
  • As magical as the creation of universe, all characters always land up in the same place when needed. There will be only one mall, one temple, one restaurant, one hospital, one bank and one graveyard in a city as big as Chennai.
  • Heroines fall in love with dumbo’s and school dropouts only.
  • Hero’s love their mom more than their lovers, when the duets are over.
  • Dreams are god given gift to the directors. Anything can be rationalized if the character wakes up at the end of the scene.
  • In old movies, the hero’s demand and get more lipstick than the heroines.
  • If the pant is red in color, shirt has got to be green.
  • If the heroine is angry, she will speak in English.
  • The hero will speak English in the climax scene, immediately translating that into Tamizh.
  • If you are a super hero, your legs are shown first when the movie start.
  • There is always an elaborate dance sequence before the ‘supposed to be’ sexy courtship scene. Not a single villain does it while he is sober and he runs behind the vamp like a monkey.

There are many such rules and I often wonder whether directors see their own movies. Guess they never do it. Like my friend who owns a hotel once told me while I was dining there. I called him to join us and he said, ‘No da, we will go to some other hotel’.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Holiday...For Good Food

One of the difficulties I find on touring or a holiday is about food, being a vegetarian Tambram. This time was no different. Actually when we returned home, we are so famished that we were ready to eat anything South Indian that was thrown at us.

I have always pondered about the stuff I would like to eat. Irrespective of what they are, one simple thing holds good. The whole meal gets better if you find even a small quantity of what you like. Sometimes it even helps you eat what you don’t like.

I am not a very discerning eater, leave alone being a gourmet. My choices are simple and I never get too adventurous about trying out new dishes too. And I envy people who do that. Somewhere there is one register in the brain that keeps a place for likes and dislikes in taste and in mine I guess the storage space is too very small. Maybe music hogged majority of the space. So I simply keep eating stuff that I like and I am now so very addicted to them that the absence of those stuff gets into my nerves.

That makes me think of the other discerning ones or the gourmets. I have always believed that taste is acquired at an early age and never improves after that when it comes to food. And food in a Brahmin family is just not about what is given to you, but also what you are not supposed to eat. Non-Vegetarian food can get you ostracized. So, the rebel in me tried all those. And also it gave you a status of a ‘cool’ guy (Yeah, I eat non-veg !! ). But honestly I have never enjoyed eating them. And I am at loss to understand what could be the taste of flesh?? While vegetables had its own taste and can hold on its own with minimal cooking, the flesh should be garnished with the various spices that really provides the taste. OK, I am honestly a misfit to comment on this, because I could be prejudiced and the fact that I take on flesh-eaters gives me some shivers. You can consider me a vegetable and excuse me. But I stick on to the point though. Simply because I am certain that, the Indian non-vegetarians surely can’t see or eat what is cooked in the street food stalls of Bangkok. It has the whole insect & animal kingdom being fried. Maybe you can bring your own insect also!!!

Is there really a new taste? At the end, it may all be what is added to the main part of the food than the main part itself. Whilst cooking I become my own boss, foresee or foretaste what I would want in the food and add all those ingredients. And mostly it comes out good. Atleast people say so!

And invariably it stays with the taste that is in brain that got registered when I was young. So I want to find out from the Brahmins on how they hog non-vegetarian food. Were they fed non-veg when they were young? If not, how come they found something, which is tastier than Dhal or brinjal? You could have found a real honest & altruistic person, a well-meaning gentleman, a Yeti, and all mythological creations also in this earth then. According to me, all these are simply impossible.

The only food I like the most apart from the regular diet is the Street Food. I find them amazingly likeable tickling all the taste buds in my tongue. But then, that’s really not strange. With all my cricketing days in a Madurai, I was brought up in a steady diet of dust.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


My image about Shimla was always snow covered peaks & streets and trees with apples hanging low. And the Tamil hero in a funny costume and heroine in Bharata Natyam attire! In reality, the place came croppers. It was a dud, this Shimla. I could have really constructed an attic at my place, climb that up laboriously and wear some stinky warm clothes ( just for the effect ) and stayed there for a couple of days. I could keep adding doses of reality by calling up and speaking with some people with just 5 senses, or eat puri & channa, pretend that one shelf is a bar and reduce my stock ( my hotel bar was smaller than mine ).

Is there something really more than what I saw of Shimla, that is a great secret like Netaji’s death? Fact is that, the place is too commercialized, stinks more of automobile fumes and teeming crowd. In a few years, we may have to find a replacement of a hill station.

PS: Want to check with some doctor, whether in hilly areas, people suffer from some form of osteoporosis in the skull !!!!

Victim of Chauvinism

Some of my views have been extremely chauvinistic. I typecast people sometimes based on where they come from or what language they speak. There is this easy generalization about how one will behave just because where he comes from or what language he talks. I had my turn today. But contrary to curing my chauvinism, it has only accentuated it.

I was stuck for about 4 days with an egghead called driver. This joker obviously is driving cars for tourists because he is good for nothing else in life or never had the drive ( pun intended ) to do anything else in life. He, despite his flagrant lack of brains was oozing with attitude and I wasn’t able to figure out why he was so. He was everything that I would loathe in someone who works for me, but having come on a tour spending almost a lakh, I was more than willing to put up with him to have a peaceful holiday, because for me all it mattered was some role which is not chasing people and leaving instructions about right and wrong. So, I was almost like I left my attitude back at the security check in the airport ( I was traveling to the north of the country you see !! and attitude was their preserve with or without actual cause )

This SOB was maybe God’s messenger in a different way. To test how much I can tolerate snooty fools !!! Anyway, to cut the story short, I did put up with this pawn chewing, beedi smoking lowlife. And then today happened. We had an 8-hour trip and we were to start pretty early. He contrived to make us accept that we can start only by 8 am. And we were down there sharp at 8, waking kids up and our friend was still hunting breakfast. Or so he said. And then took some more time to start the car with all kinds of excuses and we left by 8.30.

After an hour’s drive we wanted to play some Tamizh songs. He flatly refused. I insisted and I inserted the CD. After the first song, suddenly music stopped and I realized that this lowlife has put that off. I asked him and his explanation was really something out of the world. He said that the Tamizh songs disturb his concentration to drive in the hilly areas. He was ok with English music when all he could even talk about English is that the alphabet starts with A. To quote him ‘ Mera dimagh karaab hoyega’ !!! If he listens to Tamizh music… ( Even in between all this, I could not help but appreciate his vision and fantasy. Where is Dimagh with him ??!!! Bt he stills visualizes it, so one should surely appreciate that ) And in the earlier occasion, we played AR Rehman’s album of Bombay, which is also in Hindi. What it is if not chauvinism that would refuse to listen to music that is also a huge hit in Hindi but now being played with Tamizh lyrics ??!! I was flabbergasted and it ensued in a fight between, not because I was holding the Tamizh flag high ( though I would do it any time ) but because he just stopped the car in the middle of the highway and refused to go further. And the ganging up of others with him, looking down upon us as Madarasis!!

Anyway, I had the power of money with me. I could afford to hire another cab, or simply rape my travel agent on phone, or rediscover my own attitude. I simply refused to give up and changed the car and driver. But what bugs me is another thing. This chauvinism about Hindi is perplexing to me. I had a Boss for a short time who can’t speak a decent word in English and was stationed at Chennai, expecting all of us to speak in Hindi. Amazing conceit. For a language that has no history and simply bastardized!!! And there was absolutely no difference between this lowlife and the so-called executive who really is postgraduate diploma holder.

As it is, I strongly feel that this is country is all about pseudo-equality and it might soon turn a die-hard patriot like me into a separatist. I suddenly feel that this whole place is all about a few MP seats and that comes maximum from Uttar Pradesh and all the other states would be slaves in a decent way.

I am tempted to make a big issue of this in the place I belong, because I simply don’t know whether it is the arrogance of this brainless character or just a symptom of a deep-rooted malady in the North of this country. In a way, I feel that if I don’t I would do injustice to this great country that I love and let it somehow disintegrate because of a few fools who can’t think beyond their chicken brain.

But I am more than willing to believe that the issue is because of this crackpot, because I had a totally different experience with a youngster at Kufri who herded our horses up the hill. He was extremely charming and vivacious. Had very good attitude, had picked a few words in Tamizh ( Kaal Pinnadi, Body Munnadi ) and was singing all the way while finding foothold in the slush. Seeing him, I believe I can stay optimistic about the country. Or is he still not been corrupted yet ????


As much as the Sea fascinates me, the mountains also do. So invariably I land up with either of these in my holidays. But mountains are different, one to the other. The only similarity seems to be that they all are tall. But for that starting from the shapes, color, vegetation each mountain stands out on its own unlike the sea. The Sea has a banality that way.

The sight of small lights dotting the plains in the night gives me a feeling of being on top figuratively and literally. Yesterday we could catch a road and moving vehicles from where we stood. It was simply awesome to see light after light moving whilst you stand tall and survey what happens below you.

Luckily in India I am yet to bump on to a rocky mountain. They maybe a bore, to think of it! But the ones that I had been are thought provoking as much as the sheer beauty they hold. I keep wondering about the guys who found the place, the guys who laid the roads, and the architecture of ground floors and first floors merging, the guys who explored the whole mountain to discover breathtaking sights, the sloppy plantation, the taste of the fresh vegetables, the super hot dishes while smoking, becoming eatable in a second and the huge name boards of factories written in on a tin roof.

Apparently Arthur C Clarke made Nuwara Eliya his home at Sri Lanka. I can understand why one would do it. I have always dreamt of owning a house at Kodaikanal and have a laidback life. But having said that the mountains fascinate me because of this individuality, I miss the smell of Kodai. The moment we climb up, the fragrance of eucalyptus permeates the air. And it is always there till we are around and I have this sense of melancholy when eucalyptus fades and the something else takes over, when I leave that place. Come to think of it, I should make a trip to Kodai soon. And breathe eucalyptus and maybe relive my younger days!!!

Tour Diary

Atlast I have got my chance to write a tour diary. I can stop worrying about loss of ideas on what to write. Hopefully these 10 days are going to be so very rich in providing me content that I will now get back into the old habit of prolific writing. Well I need not have worried as I started from a favorite hunting ground of mine, airports. This, while being written in one airport terminal also gave me the chance to pass through the first one with the usual dosage of humorous episodes.

I wonder why Air Deccan bothers to even announce every time that they regret to announce the departure of their aircraft no ‘so and so’. I am really tempted to write to them with a suggestion of what could their script be. Afterall I fancy myself to be a scriptwriter. Theirs should be going like this ‘We are up to our regular tricks. The flight that you want to take will be delayed as usual and in the unseemly event of the flight taking off in time, we advise that any passenger with known cardiac problems, have a sorbitrate in hand, though we will do our best to keep them from having a heart attack’. Maybe it is a low cost airline, but these guys should be kind enough to provide humor atleast without charging us anything or within the Rs 10/- ticket.

I never cease to wonder about this puzzle. How on earth the seats that are front of you declines the maximum and ours the minimum! And about the urgency of people flipping on the cell phones as soon as the plane touches the ground, despite 100 warnings. There are certain things in life that never changes. The character of air travelers is one such thing. Since I have beaten this subject to death, I am sparing others and myself from the agony of reliving the experience and my depiction.

The drivers of travel taxis should be thinking that they are Supermen. I am very convinced about that. They always proudly claim that they can go on without sleep for 10 days. I am yet to hear one guy who has told me that he feels sleepy. Mine was a slit-eyed guy. So it became even more difficult to find out whether he was sleeping while driving or God has really endowed him with a gift of sleeplessness along with the slit-eye. Second superhuman ability they think they possess is an unbreakable car along with immortality. The number of suicide attempts he made with us suffering a slow and natural death was countless. Otherwise he will chatter and try to kill us in one go. Somehow he failed in his attempt to murder us and got us to the Hotel.

The Hotel so far is the “coup de grace”. Small town but the hotel is reachable only through a cable car. Kids are freaking out while it dawned upon me during lunch ( when I ordered for a plain yellow dhal and was charged Rs 190/- ) that this cable car business is nothing but decent imprisonment and fleecing technique. But who cares about the co passengers, slit eyed drivers with murderous intent and the imprisonment as long as the family smiles. And you can put up with their pronunciation of dessert as dejjert!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother Tongue & Double Tongues

Can’t definitely keep quiet. And that too after having been urged by Sid to stand up and speak! Only thing is there are no stool to stand up and my audience even more miniscule and my language even less provocative.

Jokes apart, it has always pained me as much as Sid when I look at the linguistic chauvinism. Not specifically in favor of English though. The way English is spoken in various languages in this country; I have always felt that we have missed a great revolutionary opportunity to talk English and chased the British back. The world would have seen a new form of Himsa that is based on Ahimsa. But for the discerning few in the country that drive against English is definitely a sad thing. Somewhere, people discover artificial hard-ons on these issues. Maybe there is nothing to do or the things to do are too difficult to accomplish, they choose these insipid areas to display fervor and patriotism.

I for one would join this gang if it were against Hindi, despite my condemnation of this. Mainly because that, Hindi is as much a foreign language as English to me!! And I speak a language that is richer and older. And all these pseudo-intellectuals, politicians should just for a moment think, if language was replaced by religion what will happen to this country and their stance. Hindi, according to me is spoken by a majority of people living in this country and so I am expected to understand about it and talk that. So, since India has majority population of Hindu can the Muslims be expected to follow Hindu customs?? Muslims are vote banks, spread across the country influencing seats, so an untouchable area. Whereas, language is within a particular geography where all parties practice linguistic chauvinism! So, it becomes even. What a huge shame?

The opportunities for people is going to be higher and better only if they know more languages and I always regret the fact I don’t speak Hindi despite my hatred towards its imposition. And what are these Bangaloreans going to do? By pushing Kannada at a time when Oxford Dictionary has included a word called ‘ Bangalored’ that means losing a job in USA because of outsourcing that happens to Bangalore. Do the stupid, school dropout politicians and self styled guardians of languages know that? Do they know that whatever little infrastructure Bangalore has comes mostly from the money that is generated from the BPO’s who makes ‘Bangalored’ possible!!!

But sometimes I feel that it is simply up to us to cure these ills. I refuse to speak in a language people understand, if they speak in a language I don’t understand. And it becomes one tower of Babel. Ultimately someone has to give up. In reality there are two languages in the world. Love & Money. I am absolutely comfortable with the Gujju’s because they understand the second one. And when I was in Srilanka felt so because of the first one.
These two are universal languages and we bloody well should learn. And ironically, if money is understood and is available in plenty, these jokers who foment trouble would have no time for that.

Unless we demand clear stances from political parties on various issues like they do in the US, we would just have a shame of a democracy. Like what we saw at Madurai yesterday. A mob that can’t tolerate a survey result and is being herded by the powers that be!!!! God help India and God help us.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

In Search of words

Here I go again! Whenever, I keep talking a lot, my ink well dries up. It is the probably the same thoughts that either gets expressed as written words or spoken words. Having set such frantic pace, now I am gasping to catch for breath.

But this time around, something tells me that it is just not about spoken whatever I want. It is also about not having much as thoughts. Sid has set voodoo on me, by saying stuff like, ‘people around can hear the buzz of your thoughts’. And suddenly this buzz is not even heard by me, leave alone people outside.

Been traveling heavily, but then it was never a deterrent for writing and if at all, it was only a fodder to my thoughts. I get to see all funny things at the airport and I get so very itchy that I start writing in the flight itself, once or twice getting a severe reprimand for not switching off the laptop while landing. And travel also gave me plenty of time alone to dig thoughts out of my mind and create the self-styled masterpieces.

The cartoon strips were one source to trigger thoughts and while I still look at them, nothing strikes me to write ( though I might sneak in a piece that Croc inspired ). Reading has stopped virtually. Not a single word has been read in 3 weeks now.

Never thought that one day I will sit and analyze about what has triggered me to write so much. But I do now. And almost as if I have committed a sin by not posting a blog for a long time, I have taken this banal topic to fill in some pages. But, atleast this helps me stay in touch with words.

The reality could be that, I am doing so many other interesting things in life that blog writing has taken a backseat. Spending time with friends, which I was not doing earlier. Or maybe I am working. Or maybe the pressure of having to write got into me.

And after having written volumes after volumes with a handful of readers, now when I get more, I am at loss for words. : (

Friday, May 04, 2007

Old Regrets

“What’s the best thing to do with old regrets?”
“Well I think most people try to save them… then they can take them out now and then and look at them”
“Do you save all of your old regrets, Charlie Brown?”
“Oh yes, I have an award winning collection”

This is how the cartoon strip of Peanuts goes in yesterday’s paper. These strips at one point of time when I was young gave me immense pleasure, but now when I have grown older, I feel they make more sense to me than ever. Somehow, I feel that Charles Schultz would have been a profound thinker, but used a medium which is so very friendly to tell what he wanted, or rather what he wanted others to ponder. This was one such piece.

Old regrets never get washed away. They stay permanently in your mind. Maybe because you grow wiser and you now believe that you could have handled a situation that caused you regret much better than what you did then. But situations as the word by itself will endorse, is more about that point of time and never before or after. If you had been wiser 'then' is a question that is never possible. Then the regret itself would not have happened in the first place. You were wise and you handled it well. These situations I talk about could be a few hours earlier even. Not that we grow extremely wise in the space of few hours. Just that the experience teaches you. Or the fallibility teaches you. But you need to make the mistake on first place.

I am Charlie Brown that way. Quite an award winning collection I do have. But I don’t know whether I take it out now & then and feel bad about it. Rarely I do. But when it comes it does rankle in my mind for a while. I keep thinking ‘if only’. But I am a strong opponent of ‘If’ and ‘If only’. One of my old bosses used to say, ‘If only my aunt had balls she would have been my uncle’ to make us understand the futility of ‘If only’. The aunt will never grow them and she will never become an uncle. So certain stuff do not have ‘if’ suitable for them.

Then why regret? Maybe because we always want to be right! And do not want to even recollecting the naivety we had at one point of time. For me, it starts from asking for potato chips in a relative’s place when I was a kid. And these guys were nouveau riche. They shooed me away. One of my sisters saw it. And all my sisters vowed not to go back to their place for treating me that way. My regret was about not getting the chips though. Later when I grew older, and they weren’t that rich and I had to be a mentor to one of the boys in their home, and I believed that one of the girls at their home was beautiful and she became my friend, I had this secret pride of having got back at them. The chips were forgotten.

But for Peanuts, I would not have recognized that my award winning collection does not have ‘being shooed away when I wanted chips’ as a regret. Well, there are still many like that. Mostly the ones I feel I could have handled them better while I was still wise enough to do.

We all do… But, these are in a way, pretty good, isn’t it? Since they became a regret they prove one point atleast. Now you are wiser!!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Long time since I wrote anything topical. My blogs have been in general about my thoughts on a few stuff or funny episodes I come across. Maybe I have not read much lately, or seen many movies lately. And recent life is a story of take-off’s and landings.

Or, even things that I see or read triggers a parallel thought in me than about itself. Sometimes they happen to have some connection. But most of the times, it is like adsense. I keep getting advertisements for insomnia, pinched nerve relief and Jesus Christ posted in my blog page. They are absolutely disconnected from what I have written apart from the fact these words can be tagged to my blogs. Honestly if someone was looking for prescription drugs for insomnia, my prescription was to rob a bank. Hope I don’t land in jail for that. You can’t trust the Americans. Someone might take me seriously and attempt robbing a bank. And some smart-alec lawyer can also sue me saying that his client was motivated by my blog and I will be counting bars in an US jail. Never been happier about the fact that we don’t have an extradition treaty with the US, than now.

Actually started writing a topical piece because I am claustrophobic and I cant afford to be in a jail.. But could not help but let my thought wander off again. Makes me think that I will start cataloguing and chronicling in my blog than what I feel. So, yesterday could be like this.

  • I woke up at Hyderabad.
  • I brushed my teeth there, but didn’t have coffee.
  • The airport episode once again was hilarious. ( would merit a piece about an announcer who shouted like a town-crier and another who was talking to herself, but since I am scared of adsense and jail I am not writing about them )
  • Slept in the flight
  • Chennai was too hot while I landed.
  • Came back and slept.
  • Went to a movie in the afternoon ( no mention about the fact that my daughter had her BF with her, these days kids also sue )
  • Came back and waited for a friend to visit.
  • Cooked myself and forced others to eat ( guess this doesn’t warrant a jail term )
  • Slept again

Wow, I have written the most uncontroversial blogs ever. And I hope to sleep better today with no fear of jails and sodomy.

The 'P' factor

People do get pretty possessive most times. Atleast I do. It has always been a weakness with me and though I had wanted to get rid of that, I have never been able to.

I don’t know where it comes from! But even as children, we tend to own stuff and we don’t want others to take it away. While at one end, we have this huge pride in making others know ‘Look what I’ve got’, we also want to keep that for ourselves. My younger daughter practically lives with the gifts that she gets till she is bored of it. And even the same person who gifted it to her won’t be shared. I have faced it plenty of times.

Many a time, now I know I could have acted differently in certain situations. But never had that maturity and generosity. And that has always led to unpleasantness. It was always similar to the behavior of my daughter. And things haven’t changed much over generations either. If at all, the P factor has only grown. I can see my elder one’s friends getting possessive about her.

In this context, I am more than amazed when I read or hear the famous song ‘ Chinnanchiru Kiliye’ by the Mahakavi. He was a genius who created magic in words. He was capable of seeing God in many forms. As a child, as a lover!!! And in this particular song, where he visualizes Him as a lover, he has this to say. “Mechhi unai ooraar pugazhthal meni silirkudhadi”. It means, “When others praise you, I get elated”.

Though it is a fantasy, I can’t help but marvel at this generosity. You want the good things for you, but mostly only for you. And you are only elated more when you are other’s envy.

Maybe it was an evolved state of ‘Look what I’ve got’. Or a state of real love! Should be the second.

You just set it free; whatever you love.

Pied Piper & Sirens

The story of Pied Piper has always fascinated me as a kid. Maybe my love for music either germinated from that or my already existent love for music made me love the story so much. Point is about the fact that there could be someone who can lure both rats & children by what he played.

Indian Mythology is not very far in this count. Lord Krishna was supposed to herd the cows by his magical flute Murali. And more recently, the contemporary flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia had the temerity to say that he did not know how the Lord did it, but he knows that he can do it.

If there be needed a volunteer to check out his arrogance, I would have been a willing participant and he would win hands down. I am so very fascinated by music, good music that is. I sometimes have reached a high that I have got lost in that and burnt myself in the smoking cigarette.

And as if to test my self-control, I know quite a few sirens. Someone as the legend says, can lure you by their seductive singing. I keep thinking that all it needs to keep me quiet while I am angry or too talkative is some singing. Maybe I pass on a clue here, folks can start singing as a response to me and I would have none further.

I know I am digging a grave myself here. My meetings in office could well become a singing orgy. But then, if it is going to good music, business can wait.