Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Measured Steps

Each step is measured now
Unsure of where it lands next
Never been the case
In all these years

When all it mattered
Was where I wanted to go.
Unmindful of pits or craters
With reaching as the only aim

Can’t recall how I was a toddler
And there is no Mom to tell either
I am sure she would have said
They were never weak knees but

Is it just ephemeral?
This cautious tread that
Play games in a confident mind
But is the fear eternal?

If there a life’s story in this?
That the spring in the step
Is a child of youth, and
About the strength of mind

Now steps are measured
In a known turf
Will it carry the burden
To the uncharted grounds?

With so much time to think
Possibilities are endless
But I know one thing: I’ll
Just keep walking ……

1 comment:

Singing Tree said...

My best friend,

It has been a while since you wrote on this blog. Almost a year eh? Wondered why and figured, you are probably measuring your steps:p On your birthday, I want to take a moment to tell you this, no matter what happens, keep writing, perhaps that's what will keep you walking..towards possibilities, unmindful of pits and craters, towards a destination that only you know how to get to. Happy Birthday Ezhuthaala:)
Love, Krithi