Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shame on us

Shame on us! A country of a billion people! Claiming to be a new power in the world! Boasting endlessly on what all we can achieve in the next 20 years! Maybe I should add ‘If we are alive’

How long this tragic situation will continue, we would never know. Maybe as long as we treat Indian lives as a cheap commodity. The US, UK and Australia governments have already issued bulletins advising against travel to India, their cricket tours cancelled, all for the few hundred of their citizens who may possibly be affected.

If you are in any of the Metro’s save Chennai, can you honestly say that you are not running the risk of getting killed any day? It just doesn’t sink on us. The famed Indian tolerance comes to our rescue here. So does our Karmic philosophy. If you gotta go, you gotta go! A dialogue that is drilled into our heads to accept any shit that is trashed upon us.

You could be in a train, in a cinema hall, dining with your family in a restaurant, stand in a chaat stall you could be anywhere! Sorry my friend, you aren’t safe! Because you are an Indian and you are dispensable. Mayawati has 350 policemen saving her and almost all our neta’s. You and I are second-class. The Home Minister will anyway condemn the attacks and we will go back our idli, dosa and vada paav’s. We will have some nice live TV action and debate and wait for another day to get killed if we already are not.

Maybe Chandrayaan will help us. Maybe we can find ourselves a safe haven in the Moon where we may hope to live longer. Maybe we can spend a few more billion dollars to amass weapons, which we will dust up on the Pooja days and lock them up.

How the f*** we are so shameless? How the f*** we celebrate Pirabakaran’s birthday in a high court complex bursting crackers? How the f*** we cry over the Tamil’s across the border and just don’t bother about cracking down on terrorists on our own soil?

If there was a plot to insult India’s sovereignty, this is it. Terrorists coming through boats from Karachi and strike at will at the very heart of the country. You think we will wake up now? Never!! One strike at them, a country got annihilated and for 6 years they are safe. For us, we cant survive if we don’t see blood in the newspapers as a daily diet. We will shake hands with the enemies across the border, play cricket matches and throw mud at Modi.

As long as Congress runs the country, your life isn’t yours. They are so weak and they make the country weak. We are having a cabinet committee meeting and the PM will address us at 7 pm, almost 24 hours after our country was invaded. I know what he will say. He will say that he condemns such attacks on innocent civilians, he will say that India won’t tolerate such things anymore and he will say we will crack down on terrorism and to added measure he will add it is cross-border. He will say that we have sufficient proof that it is a foreign conspiracy. And none of us will ask what the ‘F’ he is doing if he knows all of this.

And the people of Mumbai, will once again demonstrate their indomitable spirit and we will start trading first thing on Friday. Left to me, I will change the concept of that trade. I may sound jingoistic and I will have a hundred guys who preach on more tolerance. But I am not in a mood to listen, not when we spill blood on our streets.

Let us trade blood for once..


sidwho? said...

The following turn of events will happen--
1) Enlighetend intellectuals like Arundhati Roy will "gherao" the MPs demanding stop to the mowing down of the terrorists holed up in Taj and Oberoi without proper trial
2)Opposition party leader will hold the ruling party responsible for the attack and the ruling party will claim that opposition is doing this to embarass the govt in a election year.
3)Our intelligence agnecies will come up such ptress statements of great moment and pithy as the following from IB-
The Intelligence Bureau has confirmed that the attacks that took place in Mumbai on Wednesday night were an act of terror and aimed at disrupting peace and causing panic among Mumbaikars.

The IB says that they have come to the conclusion due to two reasons. One is that the use of AK-47 rifles. IB sources told that apart from security personnel only terrorists have access to AK-47s. They also add that the firing was indiscriminate and largely aimed at causing panic.

Another reason for the IB to say it was a terror attacks is due to the fact that the operation was synchronised. Any synchronized or serial attack amounts to a terror strike, IB sources maintained.
4)PM will confidently declare " We are not afraid of the terrorists". Of course he is not..he has Z catagory security. We dont!!!!
5)We will get to know from BBC/CNN fo such news as this one we recieved yesterday--
“The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has handed an economic lifeline to Pakistan by agreeing to lend the embattled country $7.6 billion (£4.9 billion), but more cash will be needed, perhaps in a matter of weeks, officials said.

Pakistan, seen as a crucial ally in the West’s campaign against Islamist terror groups, had been locked in talks with the IMF since mid-October over an emergency package to prevent an imminent balance-of-payments crisis.
6) Armed with fresh ammmo, thanks to the nice kitty from IMF, terrorists will then take over Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and few smaller states.

sidwho? said...

oh and didi mention that phrases that mention Mumbai and "resilience" in the same breath will be used a few zillion times by media and politicos over the course of next 24 hours??

Afterdark said...

Seriously Sid. I had been going thru the comments in all leading portals and the sentiment of the whole country is similar. Everyone feels like Naseerudin Shah of 'A Wednesday'

I only wish the Govt will atleast wake up now. And dont think about minorities. If they do , this time around, Mumbai is sure to have a civil war.